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Please tune-in for the season finale of “Leavenworth” on November 17 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on STARZ.

On Friday, November 15th, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Grant of Clemency to Clint Lorance, who had been serving out a 19 year sentence at the military prison Fort Leavenworth, for two charges of second-degree murder of civilians in Afghanistan.

Lorance had been in prison since his sentencing in 2013.

While Lorance was pardoned by the President, there varying opinions on all sides around whether or not the President should have intervened.

“Leavenworth” provides further analysis of Lorance’s case and the Army’s criminal justice system.

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On the 50th anniversary of the My Lai Massacre, the comparisons are inescapable as the Army’s chief appellate judge cites the Lorance case as an example of how they got it right. With no more options in the military appellate process, Lorance’s team takes the case to civilian court to put the Army’s criminal justice system on trial. Meanwhile, a witness steps forward to implicate Lorance’s chain of command, and an implausible meeting takes place between Maher and a member of the platoon. With a Fall 2019 parole hearing and the possibility of a presidential pardon, Lorance and his family have hope, while their opponents dread the possibility of his release. All contemplate how the Lorance case has personally affected them, but also how it illustrates the big-picture contradictions of justice in war and the ultimate impact it has on all soldiers.