Cam Bird to release THE DEVIL'S HANDS on February 21, 2020

Jesus Figueroa

Music is one of the binding universal constants, something that is guaranteed to be with us regardless of what state everything else is in.

In the case of some, like Cameron Bird, it literally kept him alive during his darkest moments, where the lyrics of Metallica’s “The Unnamed Feeling” gave him a renewed sense of purpose.

Now giving back with the very thing that saved his life, Cameron writes music that connects with people, drawing together his influences into a modern metal mixture.
“If I can change one person’s life in the same way music changed mine, I’d experience a tremendous sense of legacy knowing that I carried the flame forward,” Cameron said.
Those who knew the Australian from his previous death metal outfit Create|Destroy will be surprised to see such an evolution - after some soul-searching across three EPs, the vocalist/guitarist has finally found his true calling as a hard rockin’ singer/songwriter.

Beyond, released earlier this year, was the final culmination of this shift, and it’s only upwards from there on new single “The Devil’s Hands.”

The whole song permeates a dark energy, whether in the twisting riffs, the blazing solos, or the rumbling rhythm section. Meanwhile, Cameron’s vocals fill in the area between Soundgarden and Nevermore, as well as a nod to 90s Papa Het.

With new songs in the chamber, the next step is to hit the road, and Cam is fired up about what the future hold.
Cameron Bird - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Composition, Audio Production

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