Exciting new iOS app, Mix-Tape, brings back the old days of great mixtapes

10:38 PM

Create and share Mix-Tapes with voice recordings, and custom tape images

New iOS app, Mix-Tape, brings together the best of Apple Music, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram to deliver custom Mix-Tapes to lovers, friends, and even the general public. 

Using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and an Apple Music Subscription, users can create a Mix-Tape with a 90-second voice intro that allows users to send a personal message with hand-selected songs, and even add in custom 'cover.'

This app is designed to be easy and fun to use.

Create a Mix-Tape that you can share with one person or the whole world.

Have fun sharing lots of great music with friends, family, even a crush.
"We are truly combining 21st century technology with nostalgic music sharing that every generation with a smartphone can experience," Isaac Moneypenny, Founder, Mix-Tape App, said.
Hop in the Mix-Tape time machine! This app lets you create those Mix-Tapes you miss creating and giving.
  1. You can create and share Mix-Tapes with anyone with the App and an Apple Music Subscription. (Those with Android devices can receive Mix-Tapes and listen to them with the Apple Music Subscription and the Apple Music App). 
  2. Put an up to 90-second voice recording for your listener. This makes your tape personal and adds a voice with a tone versus just text. 
  3. Add custom artwork. Take a photo or add images from your gallery and the app will convert it to an actual cassette tape image.
"I grew up where I would spend hours making mixtapes and CDs for friends and road trips. With the digital age that all went away, until now. Thank you, Mix-Tape App," Ron Sampert (Mix-Tape App User), said.
The Mix-Tape app is a music sharing iOS app that is available on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

The purpose of this app is to allow music lovers to create and share personalized Mix-Tapes (playlists) with others.

Get the app now at: applemixtape.com from any Apple mobile device.

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