10 things you didn’t know about Majida Issa, lead actress for OPERACIÓN PACÍFICO Telemundo’s new super series premiering February 10 at 10 p.m./9C

  1. Her complete name is Majida Issa Bellotto. Majida is an Arabic name which means glorious and powerful.  
  2. Majida Issa is of Lebanese and Italian descent.  Her mother was born in Argentina to an Argentinian-Italian father and a Colombian mother. Her father was born in Colombia, and his parents were Lebanese. 

  3. Majida has two sisters, Jordana and  Shadya. Jordana is also a professional actress, and Shadya is communications expert. 
  4. Majida Issa was born on June 27, and her zodiac sign is cancer. 

  5. Majida was born into an acting family.  Her grandmother was the legendary actress Teresa Gutiérrez, a pioneer in Colombian television who starred in various soap operas. Her aunt is renowned actress María Margartia Giraldo, one of Colombia’s most iconic figures on screen.

  6. Majida Issa played the role of popular Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, also known as The Queen of Rock, in the bio series La Guzmán in México.

  7. Majida Issa played the unforgettable role of La Diabla on Telemundo’s hit series Sin Senos si Hay Paraíso.

  8. Majida was nominated to the Latin Grammy in 2017 in the category of Best Album Ranchero/Mariachi for Pero no llorando. She is currently working on her second musical production releasing in 2020 and is scheduled to kick-off a concert tour.

  9. She became a vegetarian eight years ago.  She loves Mexican and middle eastern food.

  10.  She is the proud mother of Lupita, a beautiful stray dog. 
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