Guerrilla Ghost release new single KEEP YOUR DISTANCE to benefit local Milwaukee venue staff

Until this COVID-19 situation blows over, Guerrilla Ghost is offering their new single, "Keep Your Distance" FREE or PAY WHAT YOU WANT and their entire digital catalog for sale via Bandcamp at 35% off.

Any money spent buying their music digitally will be donated to both Cactus Club and X-Ray Arcade to provide economic relief to their staff and to keep the businesses afloat.
"Thank you to Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering   ( ) for the insane rush turnaround to help us get this out in a timely fashion. This has been posted immediately on Bandcamp, with wide release on streaming platforms as quickly as our distributor can roll them out."
You can donate directly to either venue directly via their respective Go Fund Me campaigns, link below.

The band's follow-up full length, "We Get What We Deserve" should be out this summer on Triple Eye Industries.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Wash your hands.

About Guerrilla Ghost:
Guerrilla Ghost is the brainchild of two like minded individuals. This isn't simply a melding of genres; this hip hop filtered through the anger and aggression of punk and metal. The result is something propulsive and forceful that demands the listener's attention.

Donate to X-Ray Arcade

Donate to Cactus Club