Kathy Palma premieres her new video for her first single ELLA ES exclusively on Gozamos.com

The single was released in a Digital "45 format that includes the single “Yemanyá”

Born in Guatemala City, singer-songwriter Kathy Palma premieres her first video for her debut single, "Ella Es" exclusively with Gozamos.com.

The single is included in her debut EP with the same name scheduled to be released on June 12 and will be distributed by ONErpm.

Kathy Palma represents the new era of bilingual artists. Her folk-soul and pop genre style delivers a unique art of writing songs without formulas, with lyrics that explore poetry and introspection. Her music inspires the connection between humanity and nature.

Last week Kathy Palma released her first single, "Ella Es" on Future Rootz (Lumpen Radio 105.5FM Chicago) during a live interview with the monthly show exploring classic and modern Latinx rooted sounds.

The single will be released today in Digital "45 format that includes two tracks and also includes the song, “Yemanyá.”

"Ella Es" is a poem dedicated to feminine freedom, words that were written to inspire women to feel liberated and uninhibited in their nature.

The video was filmed in her native country of Guatemala alongside her best friends, directed and produced by Kathy Palma herself.

The second track, “Yemanyá,” is an ode to the sea.
"The water symbolizes purity and cleanliness, but also its strength can destroy and move. This time we are the water and the destruction is towards the people that we no longer are," Palma said.
Both songs had the collaboration of the great Dan Warner who passed away last year.
"Ella Es: As he said: his famous" Dandolin "gave so much energy to the chorus. The finesse and class with which he intuitively knew what was missing in the song, was everything." Kathy Palma said. "Yemanyá: I think I didn't know how far this song could go until Dan put his touch on it. Although he didn't understand the language, he understood the music. It's my favorite song on the EP for that very reason."
"Ella Es" and "Yemanyá" are available today on all digital platforms. (Listen Here)

Sobre Kathy Palma:
Kathy Palma comenzó a tocar música a los 11 años. Su voz se convirtió en su instrumento principal, que luego comenzó a acompañar con una guitarra. En 2016 se graduó de la Universidad Internacional de Arte y Diseño de Miami en Ingeniería de Sonido. Con los años, su estilo se ha convertido en una fusión de folk y soul con incursiones en otros ámbitos musicales. Aunque es una fusión de estilos, ha desarrollado un sonido único debido a sus raíces latinas y su inclinación hacia temas líricos inspirados en la naturaleza, la introspección espiritual, la autoconciencia, junto con el empoderamiento femenino.