Breaking Glass Pictures UNION BRIDGE on VOD release on May 19

Will Shipe, the scion of a powerful family living near the Mason Dixon line, moves back home after years in the city.

His old friend Nick, who still lives in town, is feverishly digging in the land because of a vision he can’t escape.

What is buried in this small town and the events around it have repercussions that effect many people.

Most of all, Will Shipe, and the past and future of his legacy.

Brian Levin directed, wrote and produced the film Union Bridge. He began his career in New York, writing and producing sketch comedy for Adult Swims digital content network. This led to more work in the comedy space creating content for Comedy Central, Disney and Spike. In 2016 his film “Flock of Dudes” was released starring Kumail Nanjiani, Eric Andre, Marc Maron, Chris Delia and many more top comedians- Levin wrote and produced the film.

After spending a decade in the comedy space, Brian wanted to make a film that reflected his lifelong interest in cinema- having been inspired by Robert Altman, Terrance Malick, PT Anderson and many more. This led him to write “Union Bridge” and ultimately direct the film. It is the first feature that he’s directed and currently he is writing what will be his second film as a director.

Brian lived in Los Angeles for a decade and recently moved back to Baltimore to be around family as he and his wife have a 2-year-old daughter and another on the way. Brian loves music, movies and Maryland crabs- and feels very fortunate to have been able to make “Union Bridge”- a film who’s making was the culmination of many of the things he’s passionate about in art and in life. 

Available On VOD May 19

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