Introducing VOXISO, the world's first user-friendly AI-powered online vocal/music remover

Removing vocals or music from a song with great precision in a couple of seconds is now just a drag and drop away with VOXISO

Multi-featured online AI-powered audio source isolation tool VOXISO can remove instrumentals from songs (vocal isolation) and extract acapellas for remixing or remove vocals from songs (instrumental isolation) and extract instrumentals that are suitable for karaoke.

It can also separate individual tracks from an audio file and extract the vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments separately, making it production appropriate.

Offering fast processing with great quality at reasonable prices, VOXISO is ideal for both aspiring and seasoned DJs, record producers, remixers, and samplers who would like to insert isolated vocals into mixes or isolate separate instruments.

The streamlined user interface also makes it extremely easy to create backing tracks to sing along to (karaoke) or play along with (instrumental practice).
VOXISO also features a "My Tracks" page—a library that stores all the tracks of each user to download their isolated vocals, instrumentals or separate instruments for future use.

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VOXISO is an online AI-Powered audio source isolation tool that removes vocals from a song (instrumental creation), removes music from a song (vocal track creation) and isolates individual audio sources (instrument separation). "VOX" stands for vocals in the audio engineering world and "ISO" stands for isolation. Lead Developer Patrick Wilson is a Serial Entrepreneur with many years of expertise in startups and development.