JanSport launches the Recycled SuperBreak, their first backpack with 100% recycled fabric

JanSport Repurposed an Equivalent of 13 Million Plastic Bottles This Season

JanSport announced the upcoming launch of the Recycled SuperBreak, the brand's first backpack made with 100% recycled fabric.

The launch marks yet another milestone in JanSport's quest to become a leader in sustainable backpack design and manufacturing.

The new pack will be available beginning May 1.

The Recycled SuperBreak, each containing the equivalent of 20 plastic water bottles* worth of recycled plastic, uses 900 Denier Polyester CORDURA® eco fabrics, made of postconsumer waste such as plastic water and soda bottles.

The sophisticated recycling technology that creates this eco-conscious fabric breaks down plastic through a manufacturing process and transforms it into high-quality spun polyester yarn.

Utilizing these recycled fabrics in product development has a lower impact on climate change than the equivalent virgin polyester. 1

Mindful processing and manufacturing of the Recycled SuperBreak is also a key driver of JanSport's sustainability efforts – All the machines used in the production of the Recycled SuperBreak use renewable energy from a solar power system and the eco-conscious fabric produced has a solvent free PU coating, which reduces the amount of hazardous chemicals used during processing.

Not only is the Recycled SuperBreak helping to combat the ever-growing problem of plastic waste, the pack is incredibly stylish and functional.

The traditional foam used in the back panel and straps of every JanSport pack was removed in order to make the Recycled SuperBreak fully packable into itself for simple and convenient storage.

JanSport also uses 60% recycled paper for their product hangtags, in addition to using eco-friendly vegetable ink and a water-based varnish on the hangtags.

The Recycled SuperBreak will be available in five colors including Black, Red Tape, Yellow Card, New Olive and Oyster.

Understanding Generation Z's values and critical response to climate change activism has fueled a strong connection between JanSport and its target consumer and has underscored the brand's overall commitment to produce more sustainable products. 
"JanSport's sustainability journey started over 50 years ago," Roger Spatz, President at JanSport, said. "Our packs are hyper-durable, and less likely to end up in a landfill. Also, the majority of our packs are guaranteed for life, so if a JanSport product fails, we'll fix or replace it. We're also working to carefully choose materials that are either partially or completely made from recycled plastics. With these steps we hope our products will have less of an impact on the environment and more of a positive impact in people's lives."
The Recycled SuperBreak is just one step in JanSport's sustainability journey.

JanSport was able to recycle an equivalent of 13 million plastic bottles* this season by using recycled fabrics in the development of eight top selling backpack styles: SuperBreak, SuperBreak Plus, Big Student, Hatchet, Big Campus, Half Pint, Fifth Avenue, and Crosstown. JanSport obtains a Global Recycled Standard Certification from all suppliers of the 100% recycled polyester and 100% recycled nylon used in its products.

Reusing materials already in existence helps the brand reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Using recycled polyester in our products has a lower impact on climate change than the equivalent virgin polyester.

JanSport continues to be transparent as it tracks its progress in sustainability with recent notable milestones and initiatives, including:
  • Sustainability by Design: Over 60% of the brand's iconic JanSport styles are made in part with environmentally conscious materials. 
  • Fostering Renewable Energy: Incorporating energy efficiency and renewable energy sources into the supply chain to help reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Mindful Processing and Manufacturing: All JanSport products are designed to be PVC-free. 
  • Greener World: JanSport uses 100% recycled paper for their product hangtags and eco-friendly vegetable ink and a water-based varnish, helping to alleviate the effects of the manufacturing process on our planet and overall wellbeing. 
  • Continuously Making Things Better: JanSport holds itself and its business partners to the highest ethical standards, focusing on safe and lawful manufacturing practices that adhere to the Fair Labor Association code of conduct.
For more information on JanSport's overall sustainability efforts please visit jansport.com/sustainability
*Based on a 16oz bottle.

About JanSport®
JanSport, a division of VF Outdoor, LLC., was founded in 1967 in Seattle, WA, by three pioneers in the outdoor industry. Though the brand began by manufacturing and marketing world-class outdoor backpacks, today the product offering includes outdoor gear and daypacks sold on jansport.com, department stores, and specialty and boutique retail locations throughout the world. All JanSport packs are backed by a lifetime warranty to guarantee they stand by customers through their life's adventures.

1 These results were calculated using the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The Higg MSI assesses impacts of materials from cradle-to-gate for a finished material (i.e. to the point at which materials are ready to be assembled into a product). The Higg MSI scores or percent calculations provided herein account for a single production stage within the Higg MSI scope (e.g. fiber or raw material). They do not provide a holistic view of the impacts involved with material production. SAC does not verify results of user customized materials.