Launch Music Conference & Festival rescheduled for July 23 - July 26 in historic Downtown Lancaster, PA

The 12th annual LAUNCH Music Conference has been rescheduled for July 23 - July 26 due to the recent global pandemic.

Statement from LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival organizers:
These new dates are both in an abundance of caution, and with an abundance of hope :)
This is a crazy time we are all living through. Uncertainty seems to be at the center of our lives. We are proceeding with this timeframe, with a true spirit of positivity, and in the sincerest hope that life will be liveable the way we had all come to know and love, by July.
Because no one really knows where we will be, with respect to gatherings, over the next couple months, we are concurrently organizing a virtual version of LAUNCH 2020.
Should we find that 3+ months from now, we're still not quite out of the woods, LAUNCH will be fully prepared to stage the entire event; daytime live panels and Q&A, mentoring, and nighttime festival performance schedule, in real time, on the web.
We will broadcast the virtual version either way.
If you have made hotel arrangements through , your reservation is good for the new dates.
In the event that the in-person rendition of the event is canceled, attendees will be fully refunded on lodging, of course. People can continue to make your lodging arrangements through

LAUNCH Founder & Director, Jeremy Weiss, states:
"What we are facing...we will adapt to. We will not lose contact with each other, or commitment to our craft. One way or another (or both!), we will come together July 23 -26. We will forge new relationships, and reinforce current ones. We will tweak older ideas, and introduce new best practices. We will think, and grow; bond, and not break.
LAUNCH is a community, and our mission will continue!"