Mother Earth News, Johnny Appleseed Orchards announce launch of online auditions for the new reality TV show GARDEN GLADIATORS

Jesus Figueroa

Online auditions are live now for “Garden Gladiators,” a new, 13-episode reality TV competition.

The show's contestants will vie for the title of "The Next Johnny Appleseed" and compete in a variety of gardening and do-it-yourself challenges designed to test their skills as self-reliant organic gardeners.

The show, produced by Ellyne Lonergan of GlassOnion Productions, will consist of 100 days filled with ongoing garden challenges over the course of the season, as well as episodic contests related to organic farming, sustainability and holistic living.

Twelve contestants will be selected to compete from their own home farms and gardens, immersed in every aspect of gardening and self-sufficiency - all while being coached and judged by a team of Mother Earth News experts.

They'll coordinate and delegate tasks via video conferencing, with contestants participating from their own urban, suburban and rural environments.

In addition to enjoying the drama of competition, viewers will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into all aspects of living an organic, sustainable lifestyle.

Each competition is inspired by the self-sufficient exploits of John Chapman, America's original organic gardener and the man behind the Johnny Appleseed legend.

Contestants will engage in gardening, beekeeping, woodworking and even a little blacksmithing, just like Chapman would have 200 years ago, with a panel of expert Mother Earth News coaches and judges supporting their efforts.

The Johnny Appleseed Organic Village in Folkston, Georgia serves as a benchmarking resource for the show.
"We've enjoyed decades of providing practical, self-reliant information, instruction and tools for people to live a healthier, organic and sustainable life," Bill Uhler, Publisher of Mother Earth News magazine and its parent company, Ogden Publications, said. "We're excited to lend our expertise to the contestants and the much broader television audience.  If ever there's been a time to help people understand more about what they eat, their impact on earth, and ways to do more for themselves, it's now."
"There is real wisdom needed to meet the unpredictable challenges gardeners face," Jeff Meyer, founder of show developer Johnny Appleseed Orchards, said. "We meet great gardeners with stories to tell everywhere in America.  This show is for them - Garden Gladiators gives them the opportunity to tell their garden stories and show their capabilities."
Applicants are encouraged to visit for full information about the show and the online application process.

Each applicant submits a brief informational video (smartphone is fine) about their favorite projects and organic gardening background, with the first 500 accepted applicants receiving a Mother Earth News subscription in return.

Ogden Publications Inc. is the leading information resource serving the sustainable living, environmentally conscious, rural lifestyle, and farm memorabilia communities.

Ogden Publications also provides insurance and financial services through its Capper's Insurance Service division.

Johnny Appleseed Orchards LLC, developer of GARDEN GLADIATORS, develops organic, regenerative fertilizers and gardening products at the Johnny Appleseed Organic Village in Folkston, GA and markets apple trees genetically identical to the last known apple tree planted by Johnny Appleseed.

GlassOnion Productions, Inc.  For over 20 years, principal Ellyne Lonergan, producer of GARDEN GLADIATORS, has produced successful programming for public broadcasting, network, and cable television.

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