Tigerwine shares new single COMPLETE

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Colorado based post hardcore outfit Tigerwine has released a new single, "Complete" off of upcoming full-length album, “Nothing Is For You.”

This marks the third single shared from the upcoming record, following previously released tracks "Scarecrow" and "Black Water."

Fans can check out "Complete" here:
Vocalist Hayden Trobee said, "Complete is about my wife's late father and the circumstances surrounding his passing, as well as the reactive tendencies we have as people, and more specifically those we had as his family."
In 2012, Tigerwine began crafting their sound and by 2015 they perfected it, earning them a record deal and the opportunity to release their first EP, “Lull.”

The next few years were fruitful and furious, with whirlwind tours and a whirlwind full-length release, “Die With Your Tongue Out.”

Two years later they signed with their current label, Tooth & Nail Records, and began writing their sophomore release, “Nothing Is For You.”
The upcoming project is their most intentioned.

It's an examination of culture's ability to synthesize individualism and veil its agenda.

The process was meticulous, a departure from the impulsivity of their previous pursuits.

That's Tigerwine's specialty: reinvention.

Their appreciation for change not only scratches the itch to try something new, it expands their sound and bends their genre.

The result is music for the metalhead and the indie rocker alike, something you'll learn you expect from them.
Trobee said, "The record examines synthetic individualism and cultural pressures of "becoming."
“Nothing Is For You” is out May 1 on Tooth & Nail Records.
Tigerwine is Hayden Trobee, Steve Lichtenwalter, Shane Riley, and Sean McKnight.
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