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Japanese rock band URBANGARDE will release their first-ever authorized biography on April 27.

“Polkadot Autobiography – URBANGARDE Chronicle” will cover the early years of the band’s formation by band leader/vocalist Temma Matsunaga and vocalist Yoko Hamasaki.

The musicians will reveal stories behind the band’s most outrageous and controversial music videos, behind-the-scenes conflicts, and private photos from URBANGARDE’s 12-year career.

The book will also feature a new biography of URBANGARDE keyboardist Kei Ohkubo and extensive notes about URBANGARDE’s connection to Japanese subculture and national issues, including earthquakes, nuclear power, mental health, lolita culture, and pop idols.

The limited-edition box set of “Polkadot Autobiography – URBANGARDE Chronicle” will include a bonus booklet “Dying in Shinjuku and Other Short Stories”, a specially-designed t-shirt, tote bag, rubber keychain, and an exclusive book cover.

To celebrate the book’s release, URBANGARDE has uploaded several rare videos to their YouTube channel, including some early promotional short films, live performance clips, and dance videos.

URBANGARDE’s latest new album “TOKYOPOP,” released January 1, 2020, is now streaming on digital services worldwide.

The concept album includes new songs, self-covers, and remixes of past hits in a techno-pop style.

The deluxe limited edition contains a poster and 100-page hardcover art and photo book “Tokyo Bakuhatsu” (“Tokyo Explosion”) with photos by Ivana Micic, depicting the band members surrounded by the theme of “Wild Tokyo” designed by Matsunaga.

URBANGARDE’s “Kotoba Uri” (“Word Seller”) (MV)

TOKYOPOP includes 6 new songs, including “Kotoba Uri” and “Tokyo wa Ryou wa Reiji,” along with newly-recorded versions of previously-released tracks like “Shuusei Shuugisha (SHINJUKU SYNDROME ver.)” and “Skirt Kakumei (ROPPONGI ROUGE ver.)” and remixes of “Video no Youni” by Seiho and “One Piece Shinjuu” by Yunomi.

Special website: urbangarde.net/tokyopop

Yoko Hamasaki (vocals)
Temma Matsunaga (vocals)
Kei Ohkubo (keyboard)

URBANGARDE made their indie debut in 2008, releasing over 20 albums, singles, DVDs, and books, and building a dedicated international following for their outrageous visuals and challenging lyrical themes.

URBANGARDE has performed concerts overseas in France, Taiwan, and the United States, and produced the annual subculture music festival “Utsu Fes” since 2014. They released their first Best album Koi to Kakumei to URBANGARDE in 2013.

In 2018, URBANGARDE held their sold-out 10th anniversary concert event “Kekkon Shiki” at Nakano Sun Plaza and released the 10th Anniversary special album URBANGARDE of Love and Fantasy.

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