Watch the official trailer for ANA, coming to Pantaya and Comedy Central

Ana is an inspiring, unreserved comedy series that brings down taboos and old-fashioned concepts about the role of women in society.

Hilarious and honest, Ana takes us without apologies through a journey of love, professionalism, sex, marijuana, self-discovery and the pressure of meeting everyone’s expectations.

In each episode, Ana explores each one of the many “Anas” she had never dared to be.
Reguera is joined by Tina Romero as her mother “Nena,” Andres Almeida (Narcos) as “Check,” Paulina Davila  (Luis Miguel - La Serie) as “Chock,” Tom Parker  (Superstore) as “Chic,” Carlos Miranda (Vida) as “Papasito,”  Lalo España (Pastorela) as “Manager,” Paly Duval (Mrs. Acero) as “LatinTuber” and the leading actor Salvador Sanchez (The Perfect Dictatorship) as “Bellboy.”

Ali Gardoqui  and Augusto Gardoqui, Reguera’s sister and father  in real life, will play their own roles of “Sis” and “Guti” in the series.

Each episode of the series features a musical number. Ana’s powerful soundtrack includes original music and tracks by artists such as Rosalia and C. Tangana, Residente, Francisca Valenzuela, Fito Paez, Kany García, Naty Peluso and Ali Gua Gua, among others.

Reguera is recognized for her roles in multiple Hollywood films and hit television series, including her starring role in David E. Kelley’s acclaimed Amazon Prime Video original series “Goliath” and her recurring role on the STARZ hit show ”Power.” She also made special appearances in “Narcos” and ”Jane the Virgin.”

Reguera is also known for her performance as “Sister Encarnacion” alongside Jack Black in the feature film Nacho Libre and her role in the critically acclaimed HBO series Cappadocia.

Reguera has three major upcoming films: “Army of The Dead,” “The King of The World,” and the new installment of “Purge.” She previously worked with Comedy Central by participating in the Mexican adaptation of the brand’s successful original format, “Drunk History.”

Premiering On Pantaya, Comedy Central April 20