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LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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May 6, 2020

AR makeup artist Paige Piskin changes the face of Instagram filters

Paige Piskin from Paig e Piskin

Paige Piskin has changed the face of social media with her AR makeup filters on Instagram.

After fans of Grimes and Elon Musk requested a picture of their newborn baby boy, Elon tweeted a picture of their baby wearing AR Designer Paige Pishkin "LiL Savage" Instagram filter, Musk stated, "Never too early for some ink haha."

The AR filter has face tattoos and was inspired by the song "Savage" by Megan the Stallion.

Grimes also posted a photo of herself wearing the same filter on Instagram.

Paige Piskin is a viral filter creator in the Augmented Reality (AR) community known for creating highly realistic futuristic makeup filters.

Piskin’s filters have generated almost ten billion impressions.

Award winning musician Grimes wears Paige's filters often in her Instagram stories and has featured three of Paige’s filters in the music video “I am Dark.”

Grimes has made public endorsements for Piskin’s work in her Instagram stories.

The newest style trend is now the beauty AR filters that celebrities are wearing on Instagram and twitter, which also feeds the TikTok social media star-making machine.

Piskin is well known when it comes to making beauty masks, uploading new looks weekly.

The “Lil Icey Eyes” alters your eyes to a shade of icy blue, including lash extensions to give you an exotic stare.

The popular look has been worn by singer Billie Eilish, Adam Lambert and a host of others.

AR filters are rapidly going viral.

Piskin has gained a reputation beyond just the Augmented Reality community for creating highly realistic, futuristic, makeup filters.

Globally, Paige is the #1 makeup AR artist on Instagram. Fans of her work include: Ariana Grande, Adam Lambert, Bria Larson, Bella Hadid, make up artists Jeffree Star, Amrezy, Promise Phan, Vanity Makeup, and others who consistently use her filters.

Piskin’s work has been featured in music videos by award-winning musicians and also in YouTube's video billboards in LA and Times Square, NYC.

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