DarkPokeWill123’s YouTube Channel, what I’ve learned from #DarkPokeWill

Jesus Figueroa

DarkPokeWill123, NoahScores, and ThisFunktional have started gaming online

Written by Jesus @ThisFunktional and #DarkPokeWill123

As a stress relief in this time of stress, shelter-at-home, Safer-at-home, or whatever you decide to call it, the nephews and I have been streaming live on twitch.tv/ThisFunktional on a daily basis.

Check out DarkPokeWill123’s YouTube channel for gaming videos, tips, and game recommendations.

From streaming sports games like “FIFA 20” (LAFC fans can enjoy @ThisFunktional’s solo career with the team) — kick-off games, custom tournaments, solo career, or co-op career — or @ThisFunktional’s venture into “FORTNITE,” my apologies if I keep asking how to do stuff or what weapons are better while live-streaming, I am new to the game.

This is all in good fun, but it may lead to maybe getting a gaming group together.

For anyone interested in joining along with the gaming, either comment your gamer tag or email your gamer tag to

“Fortnite” is our go to game at the moment, and if I can ever get the nephews to sleep at an early enough hour (before 11 p.m. PT) I will stream “The Blair Witch” the game.

My nephews are with me for the majority of every day, so they learn from me and I learn from them.

NOTE FOR PARENTS/ CAREGIVERS: There’s a post titled 5 helpful tips for for School-At-Home. It was written thinking there would be actual school coming soon or that things would return to a relative normal. They are still good tips, but there’s more stress to deal with.

More tips are on their way, not just for school but for dealing with a child’s mental health needs.

Giving children room to indulge in activities they learn from and enjoy helps them. To many a gaming YouTube channel sounds like a waste of time. My nephew does it all for himself. DarkPokeWill asked for advice, downloaded apps, learned adobe apps, began designing graphics, learned to edit on iMovie for iPad, deal with emotions while gaming, and get a sense of pride for doing what he’s enjoying.

Probably the best thing that came out of it is learning to deal with emotions. Things aren’t always in our control and it’s helping him realize how to accept those emotions which cause anxiety or anger and managing them in a productive and positive manner.

There’s more to come and I hope you will join us on our journey.

I have friends who are teachers and have noticed changes in their students as more time passes in our state of Safer-At-Home or School-At-Home.

I will share more as I understand and learn from it as well.

From DarkPokeWill, Noah Scores and @ThisFunktional, stay safe, stay healthy, and try to have a good day.

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