Former Abolitionist frontman, Dustin Herron releases synth/post-punk solo concept album WAR OF GOOD INTENTIONS

Limited Run of Cassettes Available For Pre-Order

"War of Good Intentions is another in the long line of so-called 'concept albums' that I've written over the years. They've all loosely dealt with issues like apocalypse-anxiety, alienation, social struggle, and fear of authoritarianism. This one, in particular, is sung from the perspective of a future (or maybe current?) generation of young people who consider themselves the 'children of past mistakes' and resolve to get humanity back on track, whatever that means. It's probably one of the more positive, optimistic storylines I've explored."- Dustin Herron

"DZTN 1980" is the strangely-named solo project of former ABOLITIONISTfrontman, Dustin Herron.

Focused on exploring music with a wider perspective than previously performed in that Oregon punk band, Herron aims to expand the range of his musical output over the next several years.

Herron's got a new computer, DAW, and interface, and arguably too much free time, so the sky's the limit.

In addition to the debut (only electric guitar, a la Billy Bragg) album, “Outside The City,” and the latest home-recorded project (post-punk/synthwave, in the vein of New Order & Gary Numan), “War of Good Intentions” (both available on limited-run cassette), expect at least one (or three?) more releases before 2020 is mercifully over with...

Stream/download DZTN 1980's “War Of Good Intentions” for 'pay what you want' here:

A limited run of cassettes also available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

The album will be available to stream on all other DSPs by the end of this week.