Short film TRAIN STOP is picking up steam on festival circuit this Spring

The romantic encounter film will screen online at the 19th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival

“TRAIN STOP,” a short film about a romantic chance encounter in a train station, will screen at this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival, that will stream online from May 22 – June 14.

The festival’s mission is to celebrate the diversity of human experience through the art of independent film by enriching, educating and inspiring all audiences.

To that end, “Train Stop” can be viewed online throughout the duration as part of a group of shorts, called Short Stories 1: Couples.

The romantic rendezvous film involves two busy professionals who confront their undeniable attraction — and their personal demons — during a chance encounter at a train station.

Produced by Laura Hauschild, directed by Auden Bui and written by Mark Cornell, “Train Stop” stars James Babbin, who also served as Executive Producer, and Sage Porter as the two “strangers on a train.”

Cinematographer Matthew Halla, Composer Maria Newman and Music Director/Supervisor Scott Hosfeld complete the creative team.
“Chance encounters have become part of our culture as our lives are so fast-paced yet often lonely,” director Bui said. “Mark’s script captures a segment of time where anything can happen - and isn’t that what we are all hoping for at some point in our increasingly lonely existence?”
Star Babbin said, “I think these days we are very interconnected through technology but somehow have lost the true, intimate connections we all crave. And we go through life seeking that magical moment with someone, we know that the possibility is there.”
All Short Film Programs will be available for streaming throughout the entire festival.

This access is available with virtual Festival subscriptions, are provided free to AIFF members, sponsors, and volunteers.

Subscriptions will be on sale via the AIFF2020 Virtual Festival page for $19.99/$9.99 (seniors/students/partner festivals & art houses/financial hardship).

All ticket fees support the Southern Oregon Film Society and Ashland Film Festival, the non-profit that runs the festival as well as screenings throughout the year, contributing to community both economically and artistically.