Art Feynman to release album HALF PRICE AT 3:30 on June 26

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Art Feynman (aka accomplished recording artist and producer Luke Temple) uses his dual persona like a needle and thread to stitch art-pop, Nigerian highlife, worldbeat , and other less-heard genres into a musical quilt that displays his unmistakable guile and eccentric songcraft.

“Half Price” sees him employing drum machines, slightly glossier production, and even autotune with a tasteful balance that suggests these tools have been in his kit all along.

The result affectionately evokes guerrilla recording predecessors like Francis Bebey , Arthur Russell, and Haruomi Hosonoin musicological detail, yet it’s Temple’s hard-won creative voice that resounds over top of it all facing “Half Price” forward instead of nostalgically backward.

The album's latest single "Not My Guy" dissects the Trump narrative in a few repeating, jivey lines.

“Came in through the back, jack, on America’s heart-attack,” Feynman mocks slickly over a bouncing, rotating beat. “You’re not my guy, you’re not your guy, you’re not anybody else’s guy.”

The Needle Drop recently reviewed the song, calling it, “somewhat hypnotic and repetitive -maybe in a way krautrockian , hypnagogic pop,” before going on to say, “I found it very curious... I think it’s very good.”

Available Via Wesern Vinyl On June 26