Emmy™ award-winning puppetry team at Images in Motion produces public service message on handwashing for children during pandemic: DOWN THE DRAIN WITH COVID-19 PSA

Images In Motion (IIM – imagesmedia.com/) announced the release of its latest puppetry project: a humorous, action-packed PSA video that educates children on proper handwashing techniques to fight the spread of COVID-19. 

The plot of the PSA is simple and effective: a narcissistic COVID-19 virus puppet is on the loose, but is defeated by a clever child at a sink, using soap and water. "Down the Drain With COVID-19 PSA" is available in both English (closed caption) and with Spanish subtitles, and was created in partnership with The Sonoma County Safety PALS, part of the Sonoma CountyFire Chiefs and Prevention Officers Association.
"Puppets are a powerful visual tool to convey important social messages in unique ways," puppeteer and IIM Co-Owner, Lee Armstrong said. "And that's what we strive to achieve. We're happy to have worked with the Safety PALS – they have a long history of educating children on fire and safety topics. We hope this PSA will have a useful life as the pandemic changes the way we live. It's exciting to produce helpful and innovative TV puppet videos for our clients."
The IIM team wrote the PSA script based on CDC handwashing guidelines.

The COVID-19 puppet was 3D modeled and printed by IIM before being molded in silicon, cast in pillow foam and painted.

With the help of a local videographer, who filmed his daughter washing her hands, as the IIM team directed the shoot from another room; all while observing social distancing, wearing masks/gloves, and using sanitized equipment.

The puppet was shot on green screen and edited into the handwashing footage. 

Some behind-the-scenes photos are available at: facebook.com/ImagesinMotionMedia.
About Images in Motion Media, Inc. (IIM)
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