Ottawa progressive death metal Ominous Eclipse premiere quarantine video ECLIPSE via TheCirclePit

As much as quarantine has been a major downer for most of us, there are those who are making the most out of it.

This includes Ominous Eclipse who has a new single “Eclipse” complete with a quarantine music video that is premiering on The Circle Pit.
"The lyrical concept of 'Eclipse' is the representation of our name, Ominous Eclipse. It is a bleak tale of the sun being separated from the earth where on the blackened planet everything dies in darkness with despair. Musically, this is our most ambitious composition. With the 11-minute running time, orchestrations, and other new elements, we have strived for what we feel will be our magnum opus."
"Eclipse" is one of four tracks on the upcoming EP of the same name which will be released later in the year.

Groovy and technical, the band thinks this album will come as a surprise to long time fans.
The band quotes:  
“The tracks are more rhythmically focused as there is far less lead guitar shredding than our previous work. However, the guitars are still the focal point of our sound. With this release, we have a much less aggressive sound than our previous release ‘Sinister’.”