Listen to this week’s CONAN O’BRIEN NEEDS A FRIEND podcast with special guest Michelle Obama

Written by Jesus Figueroa

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The CONAN O’BRIEN NEEDS A FRIEND podcast has had some incredible guests, this week former First Lady Michelle Obama joins hosts Conan O’Brien, co-host Sona Movsesian, and producer Matt Gourley.

As First Lady, Michelle Obama used her influence to champion several causes, most notably the “Let’s Move!” Program. She continues to use her platform and voice to inform the American people.

Michelle Obama feels very, very hopeful about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.

For this very special episode of “CONAN O’BRIEN NEEDS A FRIEND,” former First Lady Michelle Obama sits down with Conan to discuss what’s on everyone’s mind: the election. Conan opens up to Michelle about his tendency to stray away from discussing his political views, but that all changes during this conversation.

They also touch on Michelle’s new show The Michelle Obama Podcast, the fun, viral meme the Obama family likes to use on Barack around the house, and changing the voting culture with