Letters To No One - January 5, 2021

Jesus Figueroa
January 5, 2021

Thank you for being you. I romanticize the concept of LOVE, but if I cannot romanticize LOVE, what is there to romanticize. And to find you always there, even when it’s my mind which repeatedly brings you to light, as LOVE takes over every cell of my being. There is nothing else I would rather have than you.

I miss having you in my arms and feeling the chill of your skin softly against the warmth of mine. I can still remember the scent of your hair as I kiss your forehead. I smile as I remember exactly how you’d interrupt my thoughts with kisses. Every time I tried to talk your kiss would quiet me and as I pulled away your gaze would leave my mind in blank. I never needed a thought when I was lost in your eyes, the most beautiful color to be trapped in.

So I return to you time and time again, as I feel I have done since the beginning of time. Have I found you each and every life I have lived. Have I written to you each time. Have we been kept apart each lifetime? Are we destined to be so close and yet so far apart?

I feel your hand on my chest as you always liked to feel my heart. I hope you know it keeps beating for you. To die for love is so easy, but easy was never what either of us did. We live for the opportunity of LOVE. We shared it once and one day we shall do so again. 

I dream of you in my embrace. I dream of life. I dream of eternity. I dream of that gaze that keeps my heart beating. I live my best life with you and apart from you as well, but you bring to life something I cannot purchase — you bring LOVE, you bring peace, you bring the feeling of infinite — with you, I FEEL INFINITE.

Forever yours,


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