The 5 Freshest Movies About Gambling You Shouldn’t Miss

The possibility of earning big at a casino or a smoky, dimly lit poker room still casts a spell over many people. That’s why it’s no surprise that many movies have already been made about gambling. And if you look at the list of recently announced titles, you’ll see that the trend is continuing as strongly as ever. 

We’ve compiled a list of the newest titles that you should watch if you’re interested in gambling, and especially if you enjoy placing the occasional bet at an online casino.

Archie Karas: World’s Greatest Gambler (2021)

Archie Karas: World’s Greatest Gambler is a movie every gambling enthusiast should watch. This Greek film follows the life of Archie Karas, a Greek gambler who stars as himself in the movie. It documents his famous string of wins known as “the run,” during which Karas turned $50 into more than $40 million. Second only to Nick the Greek in fame, Archie Karas is a name every casino manager dreads.   

The Printer (Announced)

Many movies experienced a delay in production in the past year, and unfortunately The Printer was one of those. It promises a lot of action and drama as it follows the story of an Omaha boy who becomes a compulsive blackjack gambler. Ultimately, he creates a counterfeiting ring to support his gambling habit. While the directors promised that it will be the next To Live and Die in LA or Midnight Cowboy, we’re yet to see whether it will live up to those lofty expectations. 

Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead (2021), directed by Zack Snyder - famous for bringing Justice League and Wonder Woman to life - is another movie that should make its way onto your watchlist. This movie isn’t as gambling-oriented as the others on our list; instead, it focuses on a heist at a Las Vegas casino during a zombie outbreak. Packed with action and zombie killing, this fun movie delivers exactly what it promises - it’s perfect for a bowl of popcorn and an evening in.  

Molly’s Game (2017)

Where Army of the Dead leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to actual gambling, Molly’s Game more than makes up for that. It’s not the freshest on our list, but it is an excellent movie with gambling at its core. The film follows ex-Olympic skier Molly (Jessica Chastain) as she tries to defend herself after being caught running high-stakes illegal poker games. The movie delves into the thrilling details of what running such operations entails. While this is a fascinating film on its own, it’s even better if you know the basics of poker. At Poker Kings, you can learn more about poker so that you can understand the movie better. 

Inside the Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure (2019)

Inside the Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure is not action-packed or heavy in drama like others on our list. However, this documentary offers a detailed and truthful glimpse into the world of elite blackjack players and how they take on casinos to earn big. This documentary talks about ups and downs, counting cards, and even features real-life hidden camera shots. If you’re a blackjack enthusiast looking for a movie that genuinely spills the beans about casinos and making money, then this movie will be ideal for you.  

Which One Will You Watch Next?

If you’re into poker, gambling, or just the suspense of it all, these movies will make for a great experience. Heat up some popcorn, choose a title from our list, and prepare yourself for some vicarious thrills!