THE SCARS IN PNEUMA / OGEN new 4-tracks split EP The Eerie Chronicles To be released October 1

Tape edition limited to 26 hand numbered copies by Deadwoods Productions.

(Info from press release)

“The Eerie Chronicles” EP is the new recording in years both by OGEN and by THE SCARS IN PNEUMA. The EP also marks the first time the two bands have worked together on the same release, and sees them further evolving along their path in Extreme Metal. Building on their previous musical offerings - Ogen’s 2011 EP ‘Black Metal Unbound’ and TSIP’s 2018 full-length album ‘The Path of Seven Sorrows’ - both bands show some hitherto hidden sides to their sound, ranging from mid-paced Black Metalriffing to quasi-ambient ‘eerie’ digressions, with the occasional blast-beating in between. ‘The Eerie Chronicles’ was entirely home recorded and produced and features 4 tracks for a total running time of approx. 26 minutes.

  1. [Ogen] The Inward Abyss
  2. [Ogen] Eternity Unguarded
  3. [T.S.I.P.] Santu Diadoru
  4. [T.S.I.P.]  Ascending The Mountain Of Old