Actor Hugo Catalan talks about season 2 of Pantaya’s EL JUEGO DE LAS LLAVES (THE GAME OF KEYS)

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

As Hispanic Heritage month continues on, PantaYa releases “El Juego de las Llaves” (The Game of Keys) with actor Hugo Catalan continuing on with a surprising role.

“I really love the role of my character in this season because now it’s more playful, even more than the first season,” Catalan said. “I’m just waiting because, I think, the best is coming.”

El Juego de las Llaves” continues on with a wild trio with Catalan. His character Leo finds himself in a relationship with two women — Barbara and Carmen.

The three seem to have quite the chemistry as their scenes are entertaining and hot, by Catalan said there is more steamy scenes to come.

“I just love working with Barbara (Lopez), with Faviola Campomanes and with Helena Haro — which is my trio, my ménage toi — I like to work with them, they are great actresses,” Catalan said. “It was also really great to work with Alejandra Guzman because she’s such a huge rockstar.”

While there is some chaos with the character of Leo, with so much going not as planned and some times being in not so fun situations, Catalan says he enjoys this character.

For Catalan even when it seems that Leo being punished in “El Juego de las Llaves” is as fun as scenes where he is just being funny.

“So far, I like the scenes where I am being punished. I just love them,” Catalan said. “I guess, everybody loves them. I know it’s really funny when my character is driving this kind of Uber, but I really enjoy the part where he’s being punished — being whipped or tied to a chair.”

This project has a bit of it all. With some highly dramatic scenes as well as some lighter scenes with much humor, the quality of this project is excellent.

PantaYa has been releasing episodes of season two throughout Hispanic Heritage month and Catalan is thrilled about all this project has brought to him.

“I have been involved with this project, now it’s been, 3 years since the first season, and it completely changed my life in many ways,” Catalan said. “I love working with the production, I know most of them for many years, from films I’ve done before. But, now on this project we grew together.”

While being reunited with people he’s evolved with, he has seen being a part of PantaYa open doors for him in places he wouldn’t have had the opportunity before.

Catalan said he was thrilled that the Latin community everywhere has the opportunity to enjoy great quality content.

Diversity is being shown broadly through streaming apps like PantaYa and its uniting people across borders.

“I love the fact that PantaYa has this great content. I’ve seen it,” Catalan said. “The last time I went to LA, like three months ago, I felt really good as part of this huge latino community making things…I like the fact that the Latin community is strong.”

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