Raptors' New Self-Titled Album Out Now

Jesus Figueroa
(Info from press release)

Los Angeles’ Raptors is back with the release of their self-titled album, a fiery ensemble that erupts right out of the gate with its opening track. The record is persistent, never letting up all the way through its impassioned, unforgettable ending. These eight tracks contain so much more than just whiskey-soaked vocals wrapped up in vitriol and indignation. And to understand its contours, one must dive in headfirst.

Just beneath the surface the band emotes fragility, self-doubt, harmful pride, loneliness, and abandonment while showcasing a diverse range of styles, focused songwriting, and alluring structures. The guitars don't weep, they scream. The harmonies don't just ache they bleed. The drums are less your typical hardcore flare than a bombardment of beats pumped up with enough speed and aggression it would make Charles Bronson blush. Produced by Jay Stolo (a 15-year music industry veteran), Raptor’s self-titled album will energize anyone - young or old, drunk or sober, rest assured.

Band member Ike speaks to the title of the record:
"We left this album untitled because the music speaks for itself. It's Raptors in its truest form."

While band member Casey dives into the making of the album:
"The creation of this record was a true labor of love. It was an uphill journey to get made, taking place in the middle of a world in turmoil, but was one that we all felt was vital to complete. The songs created together on this album are the purest distillation of who we are as musicians and people. They showcase our evolution as a band, from where we came from and where we're headed."

The world has been a bit of dystopian hellhole lately. The current political climate is a joke and persistent pandemic has everyone beyond exhaustion. The last eighteen months have showed us that certain things we thought meant everything to us are relatively meaningless. But one thing that will always matter is having a clutch of amazing, impactful, powerful songs to sing along to with your friends and this album provides just that.

RAPTORS will be self-released by the band on Friday, October 8th, 2021.  

1.) Lost That Life
2.) Jurassic California
3.) Clever Girl
4.) Good Guys
5.) Broken Mirrors
6.) Hunting Season
7.) Coastal Spirits
8.) Lighthouse

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