DeskPop Entertainment acquires exclusive rights to ASIAN AMERICAN EYZ’D: AN IMMIGRANT COMEDY SPECIAL

(Info from press release)

Directed by Felipe Figueroa, the special shines a spotlight on three Asian Americans performers who tell their stories of immigration, growing up, assimilation, and finding themselves in the age of pre-COVID, COVID and beyond

“Asian-American Eyz’d: An Immigrant Comedy Special” an illuminating, heartfelt and edgy special, has been acquired by DeskPop Entertainment.   DeskPop Entertainment is a full-service distribution company focused on providing a dynamic scope of original content ranging from light-hearted genre entertainment to thought provoking mission driven cinema designed to create stirring conversation.

Set in pre-pandemic Los Angeles 2020, and directed by Felipe Figueroa (“Medium”), “Asian-American Eyz’d: An Immigrant Comedy Special”, brings three Asian American immigrant comics together for a revealing one night performance, each sharing their personal journey to America as an immigrant.  Ana Tuazon Parsons (Pinoy) was smuggled from the Philippines as a victim of human trafficking; Nicky Endres (Korean, Trans) was adopted by a White family and sent to the US with a Korean cookbook; Aidan Park (Korean, queer) learned English by watching the movie “Sister Act”. He also tested positive for HIV and continues to raise awareness of how to live a fulfilling life with the diagnosis.

Ana Tuazon Parsons is an actress, comedian and producer known for appearances in “The Affair” (2014) and “Dexter” (2006).  She performed with Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Labyrinth Theatre Company at New York’s Public Theatre, produced off-off-Broadway Genet’s “The Maids” at Center Stage and appeared at numerous theaters around the country performing both contemporary and classical works.  She also performed in the international tour of “Sherlock Holmes” with David Arquette.

Mx. Nicky Endres has long defied convention. A non-binary transfeminine, genderqueer, and genderfluid martial artist and an adopted child, she has always challenged cultural categories to forge her own way.  Nicky has enjoyed a wide variety of roles in TV, film, and theater including Cynthia on One Day at a Time and with notable guest appearances in “The Dropout” (Hulu) and “NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS). Other recent credits include “Lucifer” (Netflix) and “On the Verge” (Netflix). Nicky also provides the English-language voice for the starring role of Spanish Trans icon Christina Ortiz Rodriguez in “Veneno”, the limited series about her life on HBO Max.

Aidan Park is an actor and producer, known for Totally Street Fighter! (2009), Trauma (2009) and “Jeremy Lin, the Unauthorized Musical: A Journey to Linsanity” (2014).  He is featured in the Hulu comedy show, “InvAsian” that launched in May 2022.

While their individual circumstances are different, there is a common thread that links them: their struggle with identity, sexuality and survival in modern day America.

According to Mat Levy, Vice President of DeskPop Entertainment, “ At DeskPop, our mission from day one has been to focus on releasing gripping diverse content to entertain all audiences from all communities and couldn’t be more excited to bring the world these 3 extreme talents as they brilliantly showcase the hardships of being their authentic selves through knee slapping comedic gold.”
“Asian American Eyz’d: An Immigrant Comedy Special” will release to Video on Demand and DVD in fall of 2022.