Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

People look to lose weight for various reasons. Perhaps they want to get back into an old pair of jeans or accomplish a physical challenge, like a marathon. Some may just want to reduce the risks associated with being overweight. In fact, studies have shown that significant weight loss can benefit those facing overweight- and obesity-related complications.

While weight loss can be good for your health, it can also be harmful when done incorrectly. People can sometimes resort to fad or crash diets, undereating, and overexercising to get results. This can be harmful and even lead to the opposite of the desired effect: weight gain.

With so many weight loss tips out there, it can be difficult to know what actually works. Here are some truly effective ways to lose weight:

Getting enough sleep
Studies revealed greater chances of weight loss for those who had sufficient shut-eye compared to people who were sleep-deprived. This is because a lack of sleep increases the hunger hormone ghrelin while decreasing the satisfaction hormone leptin. The result is succumbing to late-night snacking to satiate the intense feelings of hunger.

Being well-rested helps you make better choices, including food-related ones. This isn’t limited to just opting for foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It also entails being able to better identify when you are truly hungry and eating until just satisfied. If you have trouble sleeping, then try following the tip of this sleep hygiene program and limit electronic device usage before bedtime.

Don’t restrict your diet
Calories do matter in the grander scheme of things when it comes to weight loss. However, people often resort to quick fixes such as fasting, starving, skipping meals, and severely restricting food options. Many weight loss solutions also involve reducing or completely eliminating certain foods from one’s diet.

The most effective weight loss programs don’t actually restrict what you eat at all — as long as you eat more of some foods than others. It is more effective to track your calorie intake because it helps you understand how nutritious and less nutritious foods affect your body. However, it is more important to focus on consistency than perfection: track as much as you can, but do not feel guilty if you can’t log everything you consume.

Focus on consistency
One of the most effective tips on this list applies to both eating and exercising: consistency. People often think that the longer and more intense your exercise sessions are, the more weight you’ll lose. However, working out for too long can actually lead to health problems such as fractures and muscle strains.

Instead of doing periodic extreme fitness routines, try choosing an exercise from a challenging fitness program and working on that with moderate effort consistently. You’ll still get an incredible cardio workout and engage your whole body without straining yourself. Along with building a habit of healthy eating, consistency will allow you to maintain a calorie deficit and lose weight slowly, but surely.

The Bottom Line
There are dozens of weight loss tips out there, but one thing is certain: there is no shortcut to weight loss. But by trying these tried and true tips listed above, you might just be surprised when you look at the scale in a couple of months.