Review: Doll Skin rocks out as the first opener for the Less Than Jake & Bowling For Soup: Back For The Attack Tour

Written by Jesus Figueroa


Doll Skin were the hardest band on stage at the House of Blues in Anaheim on September 3, 2022 as one of the opening bands for Less Than Jake & Bowling For Soup: Back For The Attack Tour.

As the first band, Doll Skin pumped up the audience with a spectacular mix set of new and old songs. 

“Eat Shit,” stood out as lead singer Syd Dolezal had the audience participate in singing the chorus. While the song makes a political statement as Delozal explains before performing the song and giving the audience a role to play, it is also the song which the audience looked to be the most enthusiastic about.

The live performance of “Mark my Words” can be just as impressive as the studio recorded version. The song is stellar and the energy Torri Ross gives on drums makes this song performance brilliant.

Ross starts on drums and Syd “Scoot” McVicker starts on guitar and on the bands cover of “Waiting Room,” originally by Fugazi, they switch.

While the entire set is high energy and gets the audience energy up, “Control Freak,” the final song of the setlist, takes the energy even higher. The set is like a well written story that ends on a high climax/cliffhanger, which is perfect for an opening band to do.

Wes Spaulding the touring bassist for Doll Skin plays an amazing show as he contributes to the incredible sound Doll Skin has developed. Although Spaulding is a tour bassist, his playing seems like he’s been a part of the band for years. There’s no doubt Spaulding has talent.

Doll Skin has all the talent to be a headlining band.

As an opener, they were extraordinary.