Watch the official trailer of EVERYBODY DIES BY THE END

Jesus Figueroa
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Horror legend Bill Oberst Jr in EVERYBODY DIES BY THE END, coming this September 

A documentary crew is hired by larger than life horror Director, Alfred Costella, to chronicle him as he finishes his final film, an all-practical masterpiece with some dark twists.
 “One of my oldest memories as a child is watching shows and movies on TV and thinking it was a portal to that realm and all I’d need to do is peep open the layer between me and the show’s universe inside the TV and then I could be in there with them. The next memory is learning you cannot do this. But the beautiful lesson after that heart break is that films are made by the efforts and love of people. They aren’t magical but they are handmade. And that’s how I can be in that universe in the Tv. By working on making my own films. Now I’m inside the magic box with my loved ones, best friends and collaborators who I’m entirely grateful for in this life time. We are cinemagicians and we do it because it’s magical,” says directors Ian Tripp & Ryan Schafer.
Vinny Curran, Brendan Cahalan, Iliyana Apostolova, Ian Tripp and iconic actor Bill Oberst Jr (3 From Hell, Painkiller) star in EVERYBODY DIES BY THE END, out Sep 22 worldwide on digital from Terror Films.

Out Now on Digital

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