Spooky speakeasy THE OBSCURE is a unique experience in Los Angeles’ Arts District

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

“The Obscure” educates and entertains while allowing guests to sample some tasty spirits.

To best enjoy and take in the experience, leave your cellphones alone and let the flavorful spirits of the experience leave a lasting memory of the night.

Upon arrival, the waiting area is not a great spectacle, although it is well decorated and not a typical waiting area. 

Upon entrance to the dimly lite of area where the experience takes place is illuminated by electric candles, which “The Obscure” creator Théron Regnier joked was because the drinks are high in alcohol volume.

While all three spirits (Four Thieves Gin, Dichotomy Brandy, and Seven Spheres Rye) are full of flavor on their own, bar director Hope Ewing helped on designing the right flavors to mix into three satisfying cocktails.

“The Obscure’s” Divine Paradox drink is a different take on the old fashion which uses the taste of the Four Theives Gin to accent the rich flavors of the drink.

The Tila Prima drink which is an unconventional Negroni drink fully captures the essence of a Negroni in an almost magical manner.

The Vescia Piscis drink is inspired by a Manhattan, but is a Manhattan only by name because this delicious drink has flavors far more wonderful than any Manhattan I have ever tasted.

All drinks are quite generous in their alcohol portions.

Those who chose to attend a tasting at “The Obscure” should pace themselves and realize that these drinks can be tricky because they have a wonderful taste, but also have a good portion of alcohol.

This experience takes about 2 hours and includes 3-shots of spirits and 3 mix drinks. This is not a challenge for those who think they can handle their alcohol, but rather a tasting for connoisseurs of different spirits as well as those who like to learn the history or mythology behind the spirits they consume.

Getting an invite is not as easy as going to a website, text #TheObscure to 213-513-7521 and go from there.

For more information visit TheObscure.com.

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