'Ouija' celebrates Blu-ray/DVD release with seance party

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

A spiritual night in Hollywood brought out cast and crew of "Ouija" as well as a Ouija expert who held a seance at Boardner's by La Belle on Jan. 29 in Hollywood, California.

Jason Blum
Producer Jason Blum joined Actress Bianca Santos and Writer/Director Stiles White for a lively party that included a seance with Ouija expert Robert Murch.
Bianca Santos

Santos talked about her experience while making the film and her personal thoughts on the Ouija board. She made her presence known by cutting a cake in honor of the release of "Ouija."

The chilling story revolves around the mythical board which is said to be used to communicate with spirits.

"Before the movie, no, I had never played (with a Ouija board). I was always kind of scared off by my mother," Santos said.

Santos had an idea of what the Ouija board was and she was excited to take the role of Isabella, but her mom warned her to be careful. The stories of the Ouija board were told to her as a way to keep her from experimenting with the board.

"I'm Latina, my mom's Cuban, and when I told her I was going to do a Ouija movie she was like 'You're going to do a Ouija movie? Be careful.' And all this stuff," Santos said.

White had more to say as he was thrilled to have worked with Blumhouse to bring the movie to life. He had done more research and still had never played an actual game of Ouija.

Stiles White
"Personally I had never played a legit game of Ouija before," White said. "I think I had one, there was one at my grandparents' house. Maybe we had pulled it out and tried to figure it out. As a little kid it was definitely weird to me."

There are no rules included with the game and somehow pop culture has taught most people what they need to do to use a Ouija. Most people instinctively know what they need to do and how to use it.

The stories of Ouija and its power have spread among a cult following.

"I felt like its something that's a very weird part of American culture that's been around for a long time," White said. "It's this super natural devise that alot of people believe in, that I didn't have to make up a story about. I didn't have to invent it and explain it to the audience."

Along with the cast and crew there was an expert in the Ouija board. Robert Murch held seances to show the proper way to use a Ouija board as well as talked about some of the fascinating facts of Ouija history.

Robert Murch
"William Fuld, you see his name on the board, he made the board from 1890 until 1966 when he sold the board to Parker Brothers. William fold brought his brother Isaac into the business in 1897," Murch said. "In 1901, they got into this huge fight. Isaac Fuld was removed from the business and William Fuld got the sole rights to make the boards."

Murch knew more about the Ouija board and shared as much as he could. The original family which created it had split until he helped put the two sides of the feuding family together when we kept relaying information back and forth from either side to verify it.

"Neither side spoke to each other for 96 years. In 1997, I was contacted by the grand daughter of William Fuld and the grandson of Isaac Fuld. Two sides of a waring family, the feud was still going on," Murch said. "In my research both sides asked me questions that the other side knew. They would ask me the question, I would ask the other side and I would come back. Finally, I said 'I know you two are in a feud and its 96 years later and I don't think anyone cares, you should talk"

Finally the two families started talking. In 1997 the Fuld family had a family reunion for the first time in 96 years.

For those interested in the Ouija board — its history and mythology — Ouijacon, the Ouija convention being held in Baltimore, Maryland on the 124th anniversary of the Ouija.

For more information or to buy tickets visit tbhs.org/ouijacon

"Ouija" on Blu-ray and DVD comes out Feb. 3.

"My favorite scene from the movie, my death scene. We shot my death scene two other times, three times total. I like how they ended up with that one," Santos said.

With the experience of shooting the movie and what he learned from writing it White is in no rush to play with the Ouija board.

White said, "No. I think I'm going to keep a clean record and continue to never play the Ouija board."

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