'What we do in the shadows' brings light to modernizing old-time vampires

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"What we do in the shadows" gives life to a reality-show style story telling of the lives of a group of vampires.

The story progresses well and keeps a steady and funny pace which keeps entertaining throughout the film.
Four vampires' lives are changed when a careless young vampire is introduced to their group.

Vampires Viago, played by Taika Waititi, Deacon, played by Jonathan Brugh, Vladislav, played by Jemaine Clement, and Petyr, played by Ben Fransham, live in a semi-organized manner in an old house with a semi-routine life.

Waititi is a soft character which comes off as a romantic with sentimental scenes. He is hilarious with good timing with his punchlines.

Clement is a good fit as the large strong rebel vampire. He's fierce and funny as well with great dialogue.

Brugh is more wacky and immature with funny with whinny moments and charming manner about him.

Fransham has no dialogue but his expressions and behavior give the oldest vampire a charm and creepiness which adds to the film.

The four vampires bring in Nick, played by Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, who gets turned into a vampire by Petyr.

Gonzalez-Macuer is obnoxious and annoying but in a funny manner. No matter how annoying is character gets, the audience always feels some sympathy for him.

Nick joins the group and causes conflict. If four vampires living together was bad a fifth one is worse. He then brings his best friend Stu, played by Stuart Rutherford, in to the vampire household and Nick reveals that he is a vampire.

The story is delightful with many laughs spread through out the film. There are small jokes which keeps audiences entertained throughout and bigger laughs which help transition each major scene.

I give this comedy 4 out of 4 Popcorns. The comedy was on point and the Vampires took control of the film with delightful jokes, most of which were about old time vampires adjusting to the modern era. The film had a great pace and did not drag. The actors were fantastic and each brought their own style to the film. The combined their talents well to bring the film together.

"What we do in the shadows" opens in Los Angeles and New York on Feb. 13 and is unrated.

Support their Kickstarter project to bring "What we do in the shadows" to America by going here.

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