Legendary Canadian Heavy Metal band Annihilator show why they are masters of metal

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

From start to finish Annihilator's 15th album "Suicide Society" is an album which needs to be heard from beginning to end every time.

No song on this album will make the listener want to skip to the next track. The combination of thrash and heavy metal tracks provides for nice contrast track after track.

"My Revenge" is a strong riffed track with powerful bass and wonderful lyrics.

The instruments are reminiscent of ’80s metal with a modern spin.

The clear and melodic lyrics are a refreshing from screamo's shrieking.

"My Revenge" is a standout song which showcases just how good this band is.

"Creepin' again" is a masterpiece thrash song which speeds up the album early and is a a fantastic example of what album can offer thrash metal fans.

Hard drums lead the instrumentals with power bass notes which can be felt.

Power notes from the guitar complete the track's brilliant sound.

Back and forth the album goes with masterful melodic heavy metal and brilliant thrash metal tracks.

Slower paced tracks help balance the hard thrash tracks and gives listeners a small break before listening to another well-mixed thrash metal song.

Each track on the album is worthy of being a single.

"Death Scent" is a fantastic combination of heavy metal and thrash sounds in one song.

From fast rhythm drums to slower guitar lead solos and then back to fast power riffs, the track is masterful.

This nine track album is a great addition to any metal collection and may be a great album to introduce music lovers to melodic heavy metal.

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