THE PROMISE Indiegogo Campaign Goes Live

1:05 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"The Promise" campaign starts with this fantastic, intense, funny and captivating video.

Thisfunktional is thrilled to share this indiegogo campaign because its one of the most well done projects that I've come across.

Thisfunktional likes to support projects that have potential and "The Promise" surely does.

The passion that these filmmakers have for the project is obvious when putting out high-quality clips to try and get funding for the actual project.

This campaign has gotten some traction through the horror community and already has raised more than $10,000 with more than a month left in the campaign.

These aspiring filmmakers are looking to raise at least $30,000 for their first feature film.

It seems like they can be in for making a promising dark horror/thriller comedy.

Head on over to their indiegogo page and take a look at the perks for supporting this project.

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