Vessel Wallet Launches on Kickstarter

12:33 AM

Sleek Life Design announced the launch of Vessel, its new minimalist wallet. 

Vessel offers extremely quick access to cards and a durable compartment to hold small items. 

The company is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000 to be put towards manufacture.

Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with an anodized, scratch-resistant coating, the Vessel’s design is sleek and modern. 

It’s patent-pending method of accessing cards was influenced by the intuitive swiping motion used with smartphones. 

The wallet enables users to swipe through cards quicker than any other wallet on the market and even pay using a chip without removing cards from the wallet. 

It also features a concealed compartment which protects valuables such as medication, keys, or jewelry.
“We’ve all been in the situation where you’re running out the door and quickly stuff something into your pocket that you need for the day” Ari Horowitz, CEO of Sleek Life Design, said. “Then when it comes time and you finally need it, you realize it’s gone and must have fallen out of your pocket.”
While the capacity to hold items other than cash and cards is lacking in most modern wallets, Vessel provides essential storage space while still conforming to the demand for wallets to be slim and manageable.

The first hundred backers to make an early bird pledge will receive their Vessel Wallet at a discounted price of $55. 

After these first hundred early bird wallets have been claimed, the standard Kickstarter price will be $65. 

Vessel wallets can be shipped anywhere in the world with an estimated delivery of April 2017.

To learn more about Kickstarter and supporting Vessel’s campaign, please visit

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