The Women's March Fotition Campaign

10:38 PM

Connecting and Archiving ALL of The Women's Marches

The Women's March Bay Area and Fotition, a new tech start up in the Silicon Valley, have created a campaign to help connect and archive the nearly 400 marches taking place in the US and abroad.

Fotition recently launched a social change platform that lets people post and share photos to raise awareness and support for the causes they care about.

The Women's March Fotition campaign is free to use and makes it easy (and fun) for people to create March-inspired images by taking or uploading photos and choosing from 25 different campaign-themed overlays. 

People can then use their images to change their social profile pics and share them directly to their social media pages, with a simple click. 

Also, every image posted to the campaign will be displayed in a campaign gallery (no need for #hashtags), where people can go to view (and share) photos posted by campaign supporters.
"We are excited to support the Women's March and help connect and archive all of the marches around the world," Christian Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Fotition, said. "January 21st will be remembered as a day when the world stood together in solidarity to defend human rights and celebrate our diversity. We think this campaign will be a great way to help commemorate the Women's March and everything that it stands for."
The campaign was launched just a few days before the March and Fotition plans to keep the campaign running through February. 

That way people can post and share their March photos even after the March has ended. 

Fotition hopes the Women's March campaign will become the largest user-generated event photo archive in history. 

Even people who weren't able to participate in the March can post photos to show their support and help amplify the mission and the message of the March.

To see the Women's March Fotition campaign visit:

To learn more about the Women's March visit:

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