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LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Apr 9, 2017

Crowdfunding: DICK PIG Brings to Life the Characters, Stories from the World of Dick Pig

The pig we all love to hate

Written by Jesus Figueroa

It's been a while since thisfunktional showed support for a crowdfunding project, but "Dick Pig" is a fascinating interactive cartoon project.

Check out the indiegogo project here: igg.me/at/DickPig. (Donate and share all you can). There's less than two weeks left to reach the goal.

What made this such a fantastic project is that SendADickPig.com  users will be able to select specific characters, decide their fate from numerous animated Dick Pig escapades, and send to friends (and foes) via text, email and social media.
Dick Pig - The Retaliative Telegram, delivering justice one DICK MOVE at a time.
This project is a fusion of the witty adult humor of actress and burlesque show host Cat LaCohie (Vixen DeVille) and artistic talents of former Disney cartoon creator Len Smith. Both have spent their money, time and talents developing this as much as possible.

If their goal is met, this crowdfunding project will allow for Dick Pig to be in complete creative control of LaCohie and Smith and allow them to bring to their audience the best content possible.

What does the donations help with? Well it helps build a website that is optimal to providing the best content possible with the best user interface possible for everyone to enjoy the interactive antics of Dick Pig. Animators will be able to be brought on board to quickly provide more and more content, with storylines, to hopefully propel this project to a TV series for even more people to enjoy Dig Pig.

Then, for the fans, merchandise can be made for everyone of you fans who enjoy Dick Pig to proudly own.

The indiegogo project igg.me/at/DickPig has less than two weeks left to reach the goal.

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