Free Weed to celebrate the opening of ONE WEEK AND A DAY

1:24 AM
In celebration of Asaph Polonsky's acclaimed stoner shiva tragicomedy "One Week and a Day" opening this Friday, distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories will be giving away Free Marijuana to select winners who can enter via their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages (and reside in states where herb can be purchased legally)

**Official Selection: CANNES FILM FESTIVAL (Semaine de la Critique) **
**Nominated for 7 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor**

In the Jewish religion, a week of sitting Shiva (or mourning the deceased) is called for after a funeral. 

However, for Eyal and Vicky, a week is hardly enough time to properly mourn the loss of their 25-year-old son Ronnie. 

A married couple edging into the back half of middle age, the two find themselves reacting to the end of Shiva in markedly different ways. 

A return to routine seems to be in order for Vicky, a teacher, as she finds herself back at school trying to abruptly kick out the substitute assigned in her stead. 

Meanwhile, shopkeeper Eyal opts for a total abdication of routine, as he steals his dead son's bag of medical marijuana, and proceeds to get high, play ping-pong and judge air guitar routines with his neighbor's stoner son Zooler.

As the world refuses to accommodate Vicky and Eyal's sensitivities during their time of bereavement -- taxi drivers are still difficult, neighbors are still obnoxious, and grave diggers are just as indifferent as anyone else in the service industry -- the two grieving parents find themselves acting out in outlandish ways as they attempt to regain a sense of control over their lives.

Asaph Polonsky's debut feature "ONE WEEK AND A DAY" juxtaposes the grieving process against the immutable fact that, despite the most painful losses imaginable, the world stops for no one's mourning. 

With endearing performances from Shai Avivi and Evgenia Dodina as Eyal and Vicky, and Tomer Kapon as Zooler, "ONE WEEK AND A DAY" provides a nuanced perspective on loss that's as funny as it is insightful.

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