The Weeknd, Futura 2000 Announce Limited Edition Capsule Collection

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The Weeknd and Futura 2000 Announce Limited Edition Capsule Collection

The Weeknd and Futura 2000 have joined forces to proudly present a limited-edition XO artist capsule collection, celebrating The Weeknd's 2017 Starboy Legend of The Fall World Tour. 

The collection is presented in partnership with Bravado.

The collection leverages Futura 2000's iconic handstyle and character drawings, rendering powerful gestures and plays on The Weeknd's iconography, XO brand logos and Starboy album lyrics and color palate.

Launching exclusively at Union Los Angeles on April 28, the sprawling capsule includes Alpha Industries MA-1 bomber jackets, Levi's denim jackets featuring embroidery, skate decks, caps and an array of hoodies and tees. 

Los Angeles will feature several styles available in an LA-exclusive red color way, as well as the larger, multi-city, black color capsule.

As is the case with later tour dates, the collection will also be available in LA at The Weeknd's stadium show (The Forum) this weekend (April 29 and 30). 

After the LA tour dates, the capsule collection will also have pop-up retail releases, powered by Bravado, to correspond with The Weeknd's tour dates in Toronto (May 26) and New York (June 6 and 7).

Futura, alongside his artist management and design agency ICNCLST, collaborated with The Weeknd and his XO creative brain trust to create this exciting artist capsule collection. 

From initial color stories and patterns, to graphical layouts and logo re-designs, the teams worked with one another to create a collection that would celebrate Futura's iconic art style and The Weeknd's powerful sonic and aesthetic identity. 

This project was a fully synergistic collaboration, with the unified team collaborating across all functions of creative inspiration, art direction, creative direction, and design.
The Weeknd said, "I'm really excited about this collaboration. Futura's been a legend in art and fashion for so long. It's an honour to work on something like this with him."
Futura 2000 said, "I have a history of collaborating with musicians across four decades of my artistic career. It's one of the most-inspiring ways that I can express my artistry. I've collaborated with the likes of The Clash, Cabaret Voltaire, Unkle, NIGO (under his previous imprint APE SOUNDS), The Deftones, John Mayer, and now very proudly The Weeknd."
La Mar Taylor, Creative Director for The Weeknd, said, "The vision was to always make XO a respected and recognizable brand across all platforms of art. Collaborating with Futura was a very honouring achievement. I'm very excited to share this with our generation."
Sky Gellatly, Futura's Manager and Co-Founder of ICNCLST Art and Artist Management, "Music and art are kinetic, non-linear forces. When combined, they have the power to captivate both sight and sound. As artist managers, we work to align my talent with brands, galleries, and collaborators that are both harmonious-but also potentially unexpected. Futura and our team have long considered The Weeknd as being an amazing potential collaborator; his sound and art direction has always been charged, dynamic, irreverent, and entirely unique. The Weeknd, and his team's creativity, has always captivated us. It's amazing that this project has come together so organically with Abel, La Mar, Sal, Drop and the whole XO family."

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