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Dec 29, 2017

Dom Wier Announces EP NEW WATERS

The Daily Country Premieres "Doses" Video

Dom Wier announces his latest project, a solo EP titled “New Waters.” 

Previously of the Nashville-based Americana group The Good Routes, Wier is setting out to make an impression of his own. 

“New Waters” will be available on January 19, 2018 and was produced by Matthew Miller. 

Along with the album announcement, the first video from the album “Doses” premiered via The Daily Country

Wier is currently touring throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

The four-song EP blends rock, country, and blues textures with an honest, slightly road worn vocal delivery. 

With a tip of the hat to heartland rock heroes, like Petty, Seger, and Mellencamp, Wier adds a Midwestern touch to classic rootsy, country-rock lyrical patterns and melodies. 

Each track is laced with perseverance and heart, a testament of his dedication to songwriting and appreciation of the hard-earned little victories. 

Originally from Southern Illinois — near the banks of the Mississippi River — he first started playing guitar and singing in different bands around the St. Louis area. 

After moving to Nashville to pursue songwriting and to fully immerse himself in music, he began performing as a solo artist, meshing his rock and folk influences (Carole KingJim CroceNeil YoungBob DylanRay Charles) with those of country icons like Waylon, Willie and Johnny Cash.

“New Waters” marks Wier’s fourth EP. 

The first two, “Jaded Dreamer” (2009) and “After The Flood” (2011), were produced and recorded with Grammy-winning engineer Nick Autry (Buddy GuyChris Young) at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville. His latest album “Born On The Mississippi” was released in July 2013. 

The six-song EP features a unique version of “Tear Me Back Apart,” originally performed and written by John Moreland.

Since 2010, Wier has spent most of his time on the road, performing with a variety of setups — whether it be stripped-down acoustic shows or full-band tours in old beat up vans. 

He has shared show bills with acts like Asleep At The WheelKenny Wayne ShepherdShooter JenningsBlackberry SmokeCandleboxFoghat, members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Toto

2018 is no different, as he brings “New Waters” to life for fans in Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and his home state of Illinois. 

Tour Dates:
January 6 - Evansville, IN - Ri Ra
January 16 - Knoxville, TN - WDVX Blue Plate Special
January 19 - Nashville, TN - Release Show at The Local (formerly The Country)
January 26 - Blue Ridge, GA - Blue Ridge Brewery
February 3 - Evansville, IN - Ri Ra
February 15 - Nashville, TN - Soulshine
February 23 - Rome, GA - Harvest Moon Cafe
March 3 - Makanda, IL - Starview Vineyard; Evansville, IN - Ri Ra
March 9 - Lexington, KY - Lynagh’s Pub
March 10 - Shelbyville, KY - Talon Winery
April 7 - Evansville, IN - Ri Ra
April 8 - Makanda, IL - Starview Vineyard
May 12 - Evansville, IN - Ri Ra

For more information, visit: 

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