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LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Mar 11, 2018

Chef Eric Ripert Showcased the Hidden Gem of Japan

Endless Culinary and Cultural Allure of Hokuriku, 
Central Region of Japan

(Posted from PRNewsWire)

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) New York office and Chef Eric Ripert hosted an event on March 6 to introduce the culinary and cultural offerings of Hokuriku, a hidden gem located in central Japan. 

The event was held at Ripert's Michelin three-starred restaurant Le Bernardin and included a discussion by Ripert and Nathan Thornburgh of Roads & Kingdoms on Japanese culinary art and traditional craftsmanship.

The event highlights included Ripert's stunning culinary creations, as well as the special appetizer, Hamachi-Osetra Caviar Tartare with Sea Lettuce and Smoked Dashi Gelées, served in hand-crafted bowls by Nousaku, a tableware brand from the Hokuriku region where Ripert visited last September.

Ripert talked about a craftsman that he met at Kayoutei workshop which inspired him. 
"A wood turner I met there said 'You look with your soul, not with your eyes.' That was very special to me. I see a parallel in cooking– when you create sauces, there are all these flavors that are not tangible, it is a thing that doesn't exist yet and you have to cook with your heart, not just your hands and your eyes in order to make something special," Ripert said. 
Ripert showed a tiny lacquered box with an intricate design, a souvenir he got for his wife.
"The depth of dedication, passion, and expertise required for such craftsmanship is simply admirable," Ripert said. 
Ripert also brought a prestigious Takamura knife, gifted to him by Mr. Takamura, and demonstrated its incomparable sharpness by cutting through a newspaper with ease. 
"Takamura knife is not just a kitchen knife but also an art piece. Its weight is just right and fits perfectly in my hand," Ripert said.
With a new global-scale campaign "Enjoy my Japan," JNTO aims to showcase diverse attractions of Japan and entice travellers to lesser-known areas towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Japan National Tourism Organization:
As the official tourism board of Japan, JNTO is involved in a wide range of promotional activities to encourage international travellers to visit Japan. For more information, visit us on our Website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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