@MikeTheMovieGuy Movie Review: LOVE & BANANAS: AN ELEPHANT STORY

Jesus Figueroa

Elephant rescues in Thailand are rare, unpredictable and often life threatening.

After waiting over 2 years, actor/director Ashley Bell and a team of elephant rescuers led by world renowned Asian elephant conservationist and TIME Magazine's Hero of Asia, Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, embark on a daring mission to rescue Noi Na, a 70-year old partially blind trekking elephant and bring her 500 miles across Thailand to freedom.

African elephants are slaughtered for their ivory, but sadly the plight of the Asian Elephant has been completely overlooked even though they are the elephant we are most familiar with in zoos, circuses and elephant rides. 

"Love &Bananas: An Elephant Story" exposes the cruel secret that every Asian elephant has had to endure to become a service animal; a process known as Pajan, aka The Crush Box. 

"Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story" aims to ignite a new way of thinking about this species and shows what can be done to prevent the extinction of Asian elephants.

Written by Mike The Movie Guy

Man! I had the chance to watch this last night.

It has to be one of the best documentary's I've seen in a long time.

"LOVE & BANANAS: AN ELEPHANT STORY" definitely took me on a roller coaster of emotions.

Sadness. Anxiety. Happiness.

Everyone involved in this mission is awesome.

Lek is a BEAST.

This little lady here...AMAZING.

Shoutouts to Ashley Bell and her team for bringing this to the screen.


After watching it - I immediately followed all their social media to help spread the word on what's happening to Asian Elephants.

I might not have a zillion dollars but anything helps, right?


Watch this film where and when you can.

"LOVE & BANANAS: AN ELEPHANT STORY" opens in New York April 27.

Check out the links below for more info:

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