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LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Apr 1, 2018

SO, YOU WANT TO BE A GANGSTER? Goes From Cannes to Video On Demand

Denis Kulikov Makes Movie Dreams A Reality in Hollywood

Russian film maker Denis Kulikov’s dream has come true with his latest feature film "So, You Want to be a Gangster?" gaining international distribution across video on demand platforms around the world.

Kulikov knew from a young age where he was heading, and since moving to Los Angeles in 2012 where he was already standing out as an extraordinary producer amongst his peers.
“Since early childhood I loved watching movies but even more, I enjoyed footage from behind the scenes and all sorts of documentaries about film production.” Kulikov said. “It was definitely a new experience for me considering the length of the shoot, complexity of the script and all the production obstacles that we have encountered. Even though by the time we started the shoot I already had a lot of experience producing, the originality of the script made it a fun challenge for me to take on. Many locations that were envisioned in the story were hard to find but in order for us to create something truly original I had to be creative and work around it.”
Having already participated in more than forty film festivals and won over a dozen awards including Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and The Culver City Film Festival to name a few, Denis and his team took "So, You Want to Be a Gangster?" to be shown at the prestigious "Cannes Film Festival" in France and received great reviews from professionals in the film making industry.
“The whole industry is based on connections, and the future proposals for projects depend on your relationship and reputation among peers, so it is important to maintain good relationships,” Kulikov said.
"Denis" is currently in pre-production for three feature films with different industry colleagues to begin shooting the end of 2018 including Designated Caretaker which is based on a short he produced which one six awards in 2017.

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