American voice actors of DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY are excited to share brand new original story

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

For the first original story to come to theaters from the original creator of Dragon Ball, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" comes with a surprise for fans of the anime as it did for the american voice actors.

Long time voice actor Christopher Sabat gets to take on not only legendary characters, like his well known Vegeta, but he steps into the directing seat and manages to bring all the cast together to pull off a magnificent feat.

"I was so excited to direct this," Sabat said. "I don't get to direct 'Dragon Ball Super,' it's recorded at my studio and I have a heavy hand when it comes to casting, but I don't really get to direct that often."

With even more excitement, this story adds depth to the legendary super sayan Broly, voiced by Vic Mignogna.

There's more the character says and the back story makes the character much more relatable so fans can see the history of Broly expand.
"Akira Toriyama made it really clear that we are erasing that one," Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku, said. "The way I look at it, is that it's reset."
"I think it's awesome. Akira Toriyama never fails to deliver because when I found out he was bringing back Freeza in the last movie, I was like 'C'mon' and when I found out that Broly was going to be the villain in this movie I was like 'C'mon,' but 'Resurrection F' was fantastic and 'Broly' is excellent," Sabat said. "Now that I've seen it, it is genius to retell the story the way he is telling it."
"I love (that this Broly has nothing to do with the previous movie), I absolutely love it," Mignogna said. "The character is so much more well developed and, dare I even say, sympathetic." 
For fans, Brolly has always been a focused character with one thing on his mind, Kakarot!!

That has changed to the delight of fans and Mignogna whom both have been waiting for the day when this character gets more than one line and a limited storyline.
"I am very pleased to announce that there is much more to Broly, to this Toriyama's Broly, than 'Kakarot,'" Mignogna, voice of Broly said.
More than expanding the mythology of Broly, the movie expands on the father-son relationship of the three surviving Sayans.

King Vegeta pushed Vegeta into the role of always trying to out do everyone else.

Goku never had guidance from his father as Bardock sent Goku to Earth to save his life.

Broly has his story and upbringing shown more extensively than before.
"I joked that they should call this movie 'Three Men and Three Babies,' because there is alot of father stuff," Sabat said. "It's very very interesting to see how the three kids have grown up based on the way that their parents were to the."
The rest of the cast play their parts to bring forth more emotion and depth to the entire Dragon Ball Super universe as well.

Bulma, voiced by Monica Rial, plays a stronger woman role from previous Dragon Ball universes.

Rial said that its incredible to see how the character has gone from fumbling around and not doing much more than bringing the Dragon Balls together to fitting a purpose.

Sabat said that it's fascinating to see how much the relationship between Vegeta and Bulma has changed his views on Vegeta. It seems like Vegeta is more of a family man in Dragon Ball Super.

In Theaters January 16, 2019

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