Director Miguel Uriegas sends out a positive message of hope through EL ANGEL EN EL RELOJ

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

“El Ángel en el Reloj”comes from what director Miguel Uriegas hopes to be a series of films with a cause.

PantaYa debuta “El Ángel en el Reloj” in February.

Uriegas said that it was important to him to bring awareness to cancer in children and to do so in a format for families to share in the experience.

This animated film carries with it the message of hope and resilience.

Although the main character Amelia is a young girl with with leukemia, the movie doesn’t focus every moment reminding the viewer of that.

The movie treats the situation with the respect it deserves, but rather than limit the character to being sickly, it allows for the character to go beyond and have an adventure.

The illness is present and lingers in the back of the viewer’s mind, but what captures the viewer is the determination which young Amelia has.

The story arc is complex, but can be understood by a wide audience because of its universal themes.

The theme of the movie, to value the here and the now, is what is drives the movie.

Children with cancer live in the here and the now, much like anyone else, they shouldn’t live their lives lamenting the past Uriegas said, they also shouldn’t be worried for the future.

Uriegas said he works with the community of children with cancer to have the movie be an ambassador of the message of hope and hopes that organizations which help children who have cancer can use the movie to move their visibility forward.

PantaYa has been an incredible platform which has brought fantastic projects to a wider audience.

Projects from Mexico which get fantastic reception, but use to be kept in only the that region, get brought into PantaYa for Latinos and movie fans can enjoy.

Uriegas said that he’s thrilled that even more people can enjoy “El Angel en el Reloj” from the comfort of their own home.

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