Rising music artist MillsWasChosen releases new hit single REACHIN

Rising Hip Hop Artist, MillsWasChosen released his latest single "REACHIN" on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal on February 8. 

After much speculation and anticipation, the music artist's latest single provides the authenticity of his artistic rap and astronomical beats. 
The Inland Empire, California native said, "My talent, and music showcase an accurate description of the way I grew up, telling my authentic life story helping to inspire and motivate others to keep going in the midst of the struggle."
MillsWasChosen represents the new wave of emerging Hip Hop and R&B artists hailing from Southern California. 

Mills, born Jaylon Michael Mills, hails from San Bernardino, California, often referred to as The Inland Empire. 

Although there are numerous rappers making noise in the industry, Mills is here to stay with his dope array of talent and eccentric lyrics.

MillsWasChosen's fans say that he showcases a great deal of pain and emotion throughout his struggle, while still implementing light into the darkness. 
Lance White said, "What Mills paints, is a movie of a resurrection through the struggle." Mills continues, "The best compliment a fan has ever given me was that they have never heard anyone as diverse as myself, lyrically, or combined with the flow and sound of the beats." 
Not only is Mills an energetic performer and remarkable songwriter, he has garnished the attention of some of the largest names in the music industry, such as Tory Lanez. 

His relentless work ethic and passion for his lyrics that captivate the attention of anyone within earshot has transformed him into a visionary entrepreneur. 

MillsWasChosen personifies the hustle and grind that is so prevalent in Independent rappers today. 

MillsWasChosen will release his album "STAY TUNED 3" February 15, so "be ready to say your prayer and go to war".