Alex Winston shares folk-tinged I SAW A TIGER cover from Tiger King


It's the #1 trending show on Netflix, "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness," the bizarre cat breeding expo turned true crime drama that everyone's talking about.

Indie pop artist Alex Winston dropped a surprise cover of the infamous "Here Kitty, Kitty" song by the documentary's protagonist Joe Exotic, and she recently unveils a folk-tinged edition of "I Saw A Tiger."

Both tracks are now available on all streaming platforms.
"I Saw A Tiger" was created by Winston during quarantine and she has pledged that "proceeds from this song will be donated to Best Friends Society ( to help the animal shelters in Los Angeles that are struggling to keep their doors open right now.

An additional donation from her track "Here Kitty, Kitty" will be made to MusiCares and their Covid-19 relief fund for artists.
The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has been on personal lockdown in her home, like many others right now, and as the popular show made its way onto her TV screen, an inspiration was born.
"I think it was the perfect storm of being in my house alone for three weeks and the utter batshit craziness of ‘Tiger King’ that somehow found me reimagining Joe Exotic songs in my underwear at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday," Winston said.
The slow-burning pop melodies could not come at a more needed time.

While everyone is stuck scouring the internet, waiting for the next piece of the "Tiger King" story to unfold, hearing  these two new versions offers a supremely dreamlike adventure that will calm the soul in crazy times.

In classic Alex Winston style, one that's long been admired from folks at Pitchfork, Billboard, Noisey and more, she creates a world all her own, one that's likely to get her the new title 'Tiger Queen.' Billboard even claims that "Alex Winston will tame your heart."

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Alex Winston is an indie pop singer/songwriter with an unmistakable voice. Her music pairs the upbeat with the down-low of real life in a way that stands out in the world of pop music. Winston started recording solo material and touring before even finishing high school, which led up to Island Records' release of her critically acclaimed debut album, King Con, in 2012. She toured with acts like Grouplove and Neon Trees after being taken under the wing of another major label for The Day I Died EP in 2015, but her sophomore full-length album (to follow that EP) never got released. Right around that time, Winston began her battle with Lyme disease which lasted over a year. She is now operating independently, writing more music than ever before, and she's ready to share her new songs with the world. In 2017, Winston teamed up with friend and MS MR member Max Hershenow for their side project, Post Precious, which featured collaborations with artists like Charli XCX. From 2018 onward, Winston has been releasing singles. 2018's "Tourist," came out with a Drop Dead Gorgeous movie themed music video, featuring cameos from Max Hershenow (½ of MS MR and Post Precious with Winston) and artist Ryn Weaver. 2019 brought "MISS U 1000000" out via The Knocks' Heavy Roc Music, and  most recently "Wash" which came out on her own Rat Rizzo label. 
For more info and artist updates, connect with Alex Winston on social media and follow her on streaming platforms.