Lil Xtra shares new album TAKING UP SPACE available now via Hopeless Records


Lil Xtra has released a new album, “Taking Up Space,” out now on Hopeless Records.

This marks his debut album since announcing his signing with the label late last year.

Fans can purchase and stream Taking Up Space here:
After self-releasing two full-length albums, 2019's “Spring Never Comes” and 2018's “Make It Through Fall” and a number of singles, Lil Xtra started working on “Taking Up Space,” his debut Hopeless Records' release.

Following a nationwide club tour with dying in designer, Lil Xtra went straight into the studio to track and mix the album.

Battling through familiar feelings of anxiety, depression, and invisibility, Lil Xtra puts forth a body of work that he hopes listeners will take away the fact that they will survive whatever hardships they're going through.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and he can personally attest to that.
Lil Xtra said, "The name of the album is an extension of the invisibility I was feeling when I wrote it. The album is about feeling like your only purpose in life is to take up space and feeling like nothing you do really matters. I wanted to make something to remind kids that feel that way that they're not the only one and that feeling eventually passes."
Lil Xtra will also be sharing a new video for track "Anxiety" on the Sad Chill.

"Anxiety" is about, shockingly, anxiety, and the effect it has on my life.

Not being able to turn it off, and the mixed curse and blessing that it is." Lil Xtra. "While it causes me a lot of strife, it's also the reason why I push myself to create better music. It's the reason I can't sit still. It's the reason for my success, even though it's my biggest weakness."
Lil Xtra - Taking Up Space
  1. Hive
  2. Under The Weather
  3. Island
  5. Alive
  6. Home
  7. Anxiety
  8. Improve
  9. Wasted In Paris
  10. Downturn
  11. Normal
  12. Taking Up Space
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